Tao Tao ATE 806 Electric Scooter


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Product Description

The Tao Tao ATE806 is the scooter to have if you want to avoid the hassle of lengthy and tedious traffic jams.

You have this baby powered up by a 500 watt brushless high hub motor and powered by a Gel Lead acid battery. You can go through lines of traffic at the astounding 32 Km Per hour, and even going at the top speed you don’t have to worry about stopping for the disk brakes installed in the front and the rear will help you stop promptly.

The added features add a great deal of value to the scooter i.e. the remote alarm will notify you if anyone tries to tamper with your scooter or even vandalize it. And the key ignition lock will help you sleep sound at night, knowing that no one can start your scooter to take it for themselves.

Go ahead buy it and enjoy those short or long trips.


Engine Type

Electric 500 watt brushless high hub motor

Battery Type

Gel lead acid battery

Battery Cycle



50km+ depend on road condition

Max Speed

32 km/hr



Climb Ability

25 degree +





Net Weight

250 lbs


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