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Kodiak Sportsman 12ft Boat

$1,699.00 $1,499.00

  • Length: 12ft
  • Max Weight: 1,750lbs
  • Max People: 8
  • Max HP: 20
  • Max Engine Weight: 229lbs
  • Floor Thickness: 1.2mm Korean PVC
  • Body Thickness: 0.9mm Korean PVC 
  • Transport Canada Certified
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The Sportsman 12 is perfect for those getaways from the city. Whether you’re trying to catch the next big fish or just enjoying the water and sun; this inflatable boat is perfect for you. The high quality of Kodiak boats will appeal to pleasure trip takers and fishermen alike.

Some benefits of this model are its light weight which is great when you’re trying to store or carry the raft. The Sportsman series features 0.9mm PVC throughout the body except for the bottom which is 1.2mm. This makes the Sportsman 12 compact and great for people wanting to travel as light as possible.

The Sportsman series comes with a high volume foot pump which makes inflating super-fast and easy. The air pump is also reversible which allows you to vacuum the air out of the raft making disassembly a breeze! The setup and takedown is done in just a few simple steps. The Sportsman series also features lightweight aluminum floors. These floors create a solid ride and inside stability.

The Sportsman 12 is great for group outings and is spacious enough to a max load of 1,750lbs. The Sportsman 12 can also handle a 20hp motor with a max motor weight of 229lbs.

The Sportsman series comes with a range of accessories to maximize your boating experience. Accessories include aluminum oars, durable wood seats, high volume foot pump, patch kit, towing rope (painter), one-way rear drain valve with a plug, and a reinforced bumper. The Sportsman series also features an inflatable keel which allows the boat to plain and change direction faster, provides more directional stability, and produces less leeway drifting. All Kodiak boats are Transport Canada Certified.

Going for a long getaway or going on a short but sweet day trip? The Sportsman 12 suits all needs.


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