6108 - Gateway Blvd NW

Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 2H8


6108 - Gateway Blvd NW

Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 2H8

2015 Gio GX70 Kids Dirt Bike
2015 Gio GX70 Kids Dirt Bike
2015 Gio GX70 Kids Batman Dirt Bike
2015 Gio GX70 Kids Spider Man Dirt Bike

Gio GX70 Kids Dirt Bike


  • Recommended for Ages 6 – 9
  • 70cc, four-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled
  • 4.7hp
  • Fully automatic with electric start
  • Seat height: 550mm
  • Telescopic front forks
  • Alloy hubs with 10” tires
  • 3.2L tank capacity
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The GIO GX70 brings together style, speed and fun in a powerful yet practical kids dirt bike. It features a modern fuel efficient EPA Approved engine that boosts efficiency for longer rides and cleaner air.

A four-stroke 70cc motor reliably carries young riders at speeds as high as 65 kilometers per hour. The engine is air-cooled, and uses regular 10/30 oil so you can easily maintain it.

The GX70 features a kick starter for reliable and easy starting, front and rear drum disc brakes, rugged alloy spoke wheels and knobby motocross tires. The fuel tank holds over 3 liters which allows for long distance rides. A semi-automatic gearbox makes it easy to control with out the hassle of a clutch. This bike comes with an adjustable rear monoshock and high damping front forks which can support a rider who weighs up to 65 kilograms.

Basically, this 4.7-horsepower kids dirt bike has everything young riders need to enjoy biking on rough surfaces. It makes an excellent gift for any young person who is looking for an introduction to motocross riding and has access to off-road terrain.


Engine Type

Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled

Engine Size





4.7 hp

Top Speed

55 km/hr

Tank Capacity

3.5L (0.8gal)





Tire front


Tire Rear


Seat height
Ground Clearance
Dry Weight

110lbs (50kg)

Dimensions (L x W x H)


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