6108 - Gateway Blvd NW

Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 2H8


6108 - Gateway Blvd NW

Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 2H8

EC2 Carbon Fibre Electric Bicycle


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Powered by a 250 watt brushless high hub lithium 36V along with an 8AH motor, this bike has a battery cycle of 800-1000. It has a top speed of 32kmph which can have you gliding through the toughest of traffic jams in the city. You won’t have to worry about keeping your clients waiting or having to wait out on getting to friends.

With its low center of gravity and ultra-light UD carbon fiber frame, it makes it accessible for all types of riders. We also lowered the frame by a full 2 inches to allow shorter riders a comfortable ride. With the Shimano Altus shifters, 5 levels of PAS and 36V lithium ion battery pack you will quickly find your love for riding again. Make the commute in style and save yourself the sweat with the EC2 carbon fiber ebike.

The EC2 also features a 250W Bafang brushless DC hub motor. This motor offers powerful propulsion while giving the reliability that is synonymous with the Bafang name. The back bone of the EC2 lies here.

Just get this bike and cut down your travel expenses and time in half or maybe even more, as you effortlessly cruise up those hills and slopes with the help of your electric motor.[/vc_column_text]

Engine Size

250W High Hub Electric Motor

Battery Type

Lithium Polymer

Battery Cycle



40km + on throttle only

Max Speed

32 km/h

Climb Ability

15 degree +

Tire front

26" x 1.75"

Tire Rear

26" x 1.75"

Net Weight



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