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6108 - Gateway Blvd NW

Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 2H8


6108 - Gateway Blvd NW

Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 2H8

Daymak Mini Pithog 500W Electric Dirt Bike

Daymak Mini Pithog 500W Electric Dirt Bike


The Mini Pit Hog is the perfect starting point for any kid learning how to ride. With a brushless electric motor to keep resistance low. Available in black, green, and red.


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Make your own motocross with the the all new Pithog. Climb hills, go off jumps and race your friends on this mini dirt bike. Perfect for youth, the Pithog is THE way to get started in the motocross world. Hitting speeds of 20 km/h and going for an hour straight without charge you can boot around the trails for tons of fun. This fully automatic dirt bike requires no gas, and no kick or pull starts. Now with the new bluetooth controller makes it safer for all ages. Limit the speed for younger kids and increase it as they get older! Just as fast as gas with no chains making for easy maintenance. After your done just plug the dirt bike in for a few hours and get back out there. Comes in 3 different colours which you can mix and match with your friends for endless possibilities. Eat dirt hills for breakfast and get your Pithog today

Set your Daymak Pithog to the level that is perfect for your rider all via smart phone. Whether you want to decrease the acceleration or lower the top speed do it all within seconds. Once they are ready open it up and let them tear it up!

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36V12AH lead acid

Charge Time

6 Hours


UL 36V



Speed limiter


Top Speed


Seat height

50cm (20")


Blue, Orange, and Green


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