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6108 - Gateway Blvd NW

Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 2H8

4 Myths About Chinese Quads Debunked

atv-chinese-quad-mythsMore than likely you’ve heard of or watched the Myth busters television show which busts certain myths and misconceptions that people have.  Well we decided to bust some myths that people have about buying Chinese quads.  

Many people tend to have many misconceptions about buying a Chinese quad.  Certainly some of them may have been true but a lot has changed in the last seven years since Chinese quads started showing up in retail stores across North America and we decided it was time to debunk those myths.

1.  Chinese Quads Are Poorly Made

While it is true that 7 years ago when the Chinese first started making quads there were some definite quality issues things have vastly changed over time.  For instance, while there were fit and finish problems as well as other issues, the Chinese manufacturers have gone to great lengths to rid these problems at the origin by listening to retailers concerns from customers and making improvements to their products.  As was the case when Honda and other offshore manufacturers started making ATV’s, quality was an issue but now they are the quality standard as slowly over time they started making improvements to the way they built their products, and Chinese Manufacturers are doing the same thing. Furthermore, here at Gateway Power Sports we also offer a 1 year parts and labor warranty on all quads 300 CC and larger and 1 year parts warranty on all quads smaller than 300 CC’s.

2.  It is Hard to Get Parts for Chinese Quads

Depending on where you buy your quad from this can be entirely true.  However at Gateway Power Sports we have realized that this is a concern for our customers and therefore we have gone to great lengths to stock over $1 000 000 in parts.  Whether you need a new clutch, seat, brakes, tires, fender, transmission or an entire engine, we’ve got it in stock. Frankly we can build most of the models that we sell from scratch with the parts that we have on hand however we don’t so that we can keep the parts that you may need on hand for when you need it.  Not only can we supply parts locally but we can also ship parts to any where in North America, should you need it from us. We’ve made it a priority to service what we sell.     

3.  Chinese Quads Fall Apart

When buying a Chinese Quad many people think that they will quickly fall apart due to perhaps being poorly made but this is not the case.  Certainly whether or not you buy a Honda, Polaris or Yamaha, if you use and abuse the machines, they will not last.  That is to say if you flip them, roll them over, crash them, or tip them they will not last.  We do realize that quadding is meant to be fun and many riders like to push the limits of their but we also encourage people to be sensible in how they ride.  In the 7 years since we started selling Chinese quads we have maybe had to replace 3 to 5 engines and have found that a majority of the issues have been due to riders being overly aggressive with their machines.

4.  Chinese Quads Are Hard to Get Serviced

Another final myth that people commonly believe about Chinese quads is the belief that they are hard to get serviced.  It is true that it can be hard to get chinese quads serviced because there may not be mechanics how are trained to work on the machines or the atv shop which you are purchasing your quad from may not have a service department.  However, at Gateway Power Sports, we have trained mechanics and 3 services bays to be able to service, maintain and repair your atv whenever you are in need.  Simply give us a call at 780-439-5254 to book an appointment and we’ll get you in right away.

If you’re looking to purchase a quad, you may want to consider a Chinese Quad such as a Tao Tao Chinese quad as they are less expensive and just as reliable as their main stream competitors.

For more information you can contact one of our sales consultants at 780-439-5254.


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